Agitated/Excited Delirium Syndrome (AED/S)

An 8.0 hour investigations or a 4.0 hour introductory “end-user” training course addressing the unique serious medical emergency of Agitated/Excited Delirium Syndrome (AED/S). Participants will learn to recognize and assess whether a subject they have encountered is presenting with symptoms consistent to AED/S and to evaluate this presentation as a serious medical emergency that requires immediate medical intervention, rather than criminal behavior. Participants will learn “best practices” intervention and mitigation strategies and officer/subject safety tactics used to resolve, rather than escalate, a situation involving a subject presenting with AED/S. The 8.0 hour investigations course for “end-users” will cover the above information, but will also address the forensic investigative protocol and evidence recovery of a post-incident in-custody death investigation. * This is not an instructor course.

Course Topics Covered – history of AED/S discovery; psychophysiology of AED/S; AED/S as a medical emergency rather than criminal behavior; identifying communication, physical, psychological and behavioral cues consistent with AED/S presentations. Observation, assessment and evaluation of presentations; officer/subject safety contact-capture protocols and tactics; inherent dangers of various Use of Force options; medical triage; post-incident major injury or in-custody death investigative protocols; AED/S-related evidence recovery; how to work with ER staff to recover evidence; documenting AED/S in incident reports; testifying on AED/S incidents.

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