Arrest and Control Tactics (ACT®) (Basic/Update)

An 8.0 hour introductory or periodic update hands-on course in contemporary arrest, control and restraint techniques for recruit and advanced officers working in field or corrections environments. The most popular and effective training course if its type in CA.

Course Topics Covered – Use of Force case laws and liability; search and seizure case laws; Force Continuum, officer safety and pre-contact threat assessment; components of an arrest, levels of resistance, body quadrant searches; physical control holds, moving subjects under control holds; operation of various types of mechanical restraints; “Speed-Cuffing,” handcuffing from standing-modified and felony prone positions. Course includes section of concealable/improvised weapons. Significant hands-on training with skilled instructors. All techniques taught are simple, effective and address all body types and strength potentials. All participants are tested and evaluated for competency. Complete documentation of competency is provided to department. Course is supported by an excellent ACT Manual.

* Officers must be in reasonable physical condition without medical restrictions to participate in this course.

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