Chemical Agents & OC Pepper Spray Defense (Basic)
& Tactical Use of OC Pepper Spray (Annual Update)

An 8.0 hour basic or 2.0 hour periodic update course in the use of chemical agents; specifically oleoresin capsicum (OC) pepper spray aerosol devices in field and institutional environments. This course is for peace officers only and satisfies all CA Penal Code mandates for the training of peace officers in CA who have already completed PC §832. Course meets or exceeds the minimum state standards for chemical agents training as set by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and the California Corrections Standard Authority, Board of Corrections.

Course Topics Covered – Use of Force and chemical agents case law and legal guidelines; Force Continuum; post-incident report writing and testimony; officer safety, pre-contact threat assessment; contact/cover, components of arrest; critical decision making; history of chemical agents, dynamics of CS, CN and OC aerosol devices; physiological effects of chemical agent/OC influence; medical information; first aid and aftercare; tactical uses of OC in field and institutional environments. A significant portion of this course involves dynamic role playing and deploying inert (harmless) “OC” aerosol devices against assailants and resistive instructor role players during stress-induced scenarios. All participants are tested and evaluated for competency. Complete documentation of competency is provided to department.

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