Unarmed Defensive Tactics (UDT®)

A 16.0 basic, 8.0 annual update or 8.0 hour advanced course in the proper use of a very simple and highly effective style of defensive combative involving linear strikes to quickly overcome and control violent assailants who are attacking officers in field and institutional environments. In the advanced course, officers learn to use the same style of combative to disarm assailants who have attacked them in close quarters with edged weapons, bludgeons or handguns, when other defensive options are unavailable or ineffective. This is the most popular DT methodology of its type in California law enforcement and has been specifically designed for officers of all sizes and strength potentials. This is a combative and not a physical control methodology.

Course Topics Covered – Use of Force case law and legal guidelines, Force Continuum, documenting force post-incident; pre-contact threat assessment; human anatomy and physiology; creating a knock-out or knockdown; linear strikes and gross motor movements; palm, knee, elbow, forearm, hammer fist strikes and side-thrust kicks; defenses and counter-measurers against most common standing and ground-based assaults against officers; tactical ground fighting and weapon retention. Advanced course addresses weapon retention and disarming assailants armed with edged weapons, bludgeons and firearms in close quarters. A significant portion of this course involves dynamic practice of skills learned against instructor “assailants” dressed in padded FIST® suits during stress-induced scenarios. All participants are tested and evaluated for competency. Complete documentation of competency is provided to department.

* Officers must be in reasonable physical condition without medical restrictions to participate in this course.

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