Electronic Control Weapons (ECW) Instructor Course

Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc., in cooperation with the Monterey County (CA) Sheriff's Department has developed and is producing the nation's FIRST independent non-manufacturer driven Electronic Control Weapons (ECW) Instructor Course. This excellent and unique two-day instructor development course is CA-POST Plan IV certified. Attendees successfully completing this course will be certified to instruct end-user officers from their department for a two-year period. Recertification is only a one-day course.

Our ECW Instructor Course is vastly superior to the manufacturer's current instructor course in that our course covers ALL of the critical weapon familiarization, Use of Force, officer safety tactics, medical, legal, "best practices" policy, reporting and testimony components that the manufacturer course does NOT cover. NO sales information is provided in our ECW Instructor Course. Instead, we provide you with significant hands-on training taught by recognized TASER® instructors, Force Science Center® Certified Force Analysts and court qualified experts.

Topics Covered: Electronic Control Weapons familiarization and dynamics including TASER® International product line; Use of Force case laws including those pertinent to ECWs; officer safety and ECW deployment tactics; pre-contact threat assessment; responses to EDPs and persons under the influence; psychological & physiological effects of "load" on influenced subjects; medical issues including agitated-excited delirium and sudden in-custody death; assessing resistance vs. compliance; cuffing under "load"; "best practices" model ECW policy and risk management; UOF report writing and testimony; ECW exposures; and how to teach ECWs to end-user officers. Significant hands-on scenario practice including how to develop and teach stress-induced scenarios.

Master Instructors: Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., BCFT, CFA, CLS, former police officer (22 years), Police Academy Director, Use of Force instructor (31 years) and nationally recognized Federal/State Courts qualified police/corrections practices expert, Certified Forensic Analyst, Certified Force Analyst, Force Science Center®, TASER® instructor. Sgt. Jim Boydd (Ret.) Corona PD, supervisor of medium size urban agency UOF training unit, UOF instructor, TASER® instructor, forensic analyst in police practices and use of force.

Arrest and Control Tactics (ACT)® Assistant Instructor Course

A 40.0 hour comprehensive instructor development and certification course in the Martinelli & Associates, Inc. Arrest & Control Tactics (ACT)® methodology. This course contains all of the learning and teaching technology components necessary for participants who successfully complete the course to train and remediate staff in ACT®. Course involves learning and successfully demonstrating and teaching at the instructor level all ACT® skills. ACT® Assistant Instructors (AI’s) work under the direction and supervision of ACT® Master or Senior Instructors in teaching introductory ACT® skills and are certified to conduct independent, unsupervised update and remediation classes.

Course topics covered - Use of Force case laws and liability; training liability case laws, risk management; proactive injury identification protocols; search and seizure case laws; Force Continuum, officer safety and pre-contact threat assessment; components of an arrest, levels of resistance, body quadrant searches; concealed and improvised weapon placement; physical control holds, moving subjects under control holds; take-downs; counter-measures; operation of various types of mechanical restraints; “Speed-Cuffing,” handcuffing from standing-modified and felony prone positions. Teaching technology, learning disorders and impairments, lesson plan development, objective vs. subjective testing, justification for and documentation of performance. Development of remediation effectiveness plans. Significant hands-on training with skilled Master Instructors and court qualified subject matter experts. Participants learn how to break down and teach the ACT® system to accommodate students representing all body types and strength potentials. Participants undergo a vetting process that includes written and physical performance tests and must demonstrate their teaching ability before a board of Master and Senior Instructors in order to pass the course. All participants are tested and evaluated for competency. Complete documentation of competency is provided to department. Course is supported by an excellent ACT® Manual. Course meets or exceeds the minimum state standards for arrest, physical control and restraint training component in PC §832 as set by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and the California Corrections Standard Authority, Board of Corrections.

* Officers must be in reasonable physical condition without medical restrictions to participate in this course.

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