Force Management for Administrators and Supervisors

A comprehensive 16.0 hour Use of Force management course for “end users” specifically designed for law enforcement administrators, training managers, supervisors, Persons Most Knowledgeable (PMK’s) and department litigation attorneys. Course provides an excellent mixture of lecture and hands-on practical addressing all levels of less lethal and lethal force options and tactics in field and institution environments.

Course topics covered – legal/constitutional case laws and guidelines for the Use of Force; the Force Continuum; good vs. bad department policy; litigation defense; professional training standards and case laws; documenting force, deadly force; officer-involved shootings (OIS); in-custody deaths; testifying on force issues, testifying as department PMK or “expert”; training safety standards; documenting proficiency; objective vs. subjective performance standards; remediation training; good vs. bad training methodologies. Course is supported with an excellent training manual and PowerPoint.

* This is not an instructor course.

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