Impact Weapons – ASP and Rapid Control Baton (RCB) (Basic/Annual Update)

An 8.0 hour introductory – basic, or 2.0 hour annual update course for the “end user” officer on the use of impact weapons for purposes of leverage, subject control or self-defense. These courses specifically teach the use of the ASP and RCB expandable batons as impact weapons in a defensive posture and also cover “weapons of desperation” or “special use weapons”.

Course Topics Covered - Use of Force case laws and guidelines; Force Continuum, impact weapon placement in the continuum; impact weapon-related case laws; post-incident documentation of force; care and maintenance of the expandable baton; expandable baton malfunctions; holstering/unholstering of baton; weapon retention and counter-measures; using baton for leverage/controlling a resistive subject; human anatomy, approved striking areas, non-striking areas; holding baton, various baton strikes and jabs; movement while striking; force integration with other weapon systems; medical after care, medical emergencies; agitated-excited delirium syndrome; forensic evidence recovery. All participants are tested and evaluated for competency. Complete documentation of competency is provided to department.

* Officers must be in reasonable physical condition without medical restrictions to participate in this course.

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