Realistic & Practical “Real World” Training That Surpasses
Federal & State Industry Standards

The training development and implementation philosophy at Martinelli & Associates, Inc. has always been to ensure that all of the training methodologies of our specialized courses are at a level which is clearly above the “industry standards” defined by state and federal law enforcement certification and monitoring bodies.

To be able to truly appreciate the consulting, training delivery services and work product produced by our staff of training experts and specialists at Martinelli & Associates, Inc., you must first understand what the training and competency testing standards are for the federal or state’s equivalence of the Commission of Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) or Board of Corrections.

In 4th, 8th and 14th Amendment (Use of Force, laws of arrest, search & seizure, custody and civil rights) areas, the state and federal “industry standards” are defined as the “minimum training and competency standards required for certification and entrustment.” Often, the education, training and competency testing standards recommended or certified by the state or federal government mirror that definition. Given the significant risk that your peace officers are exposed to in the “real world,” don’t you think that your officers and deputies should be provided with the highest, rather than the minimum, level of training and competency testing? Of course you do!

Simply receiving state certified or approved training is not the magic bullet that protects an officer’s and agency’s risk exposure. Receiving excellent, high-standard, practical, realistic “real world” training mirroring what officers really do for a living is what actually protects officers and their agencies from risk.

Criminal Justice Training Center (CJTC) & Academy Training: 4 Reasons to Consider Using a Private Training Provider

In many states, POST or the state Board of Corrections certification and monitoring agencies have a training relationship with a regional community college. While this relationship might appear to be cost-effective to the agency wishing to receive training; in actuality the training provided for high risk exposure areas may be neither cost-effective nor beneficial for several reasons:

  1. At Martinelli & Associates, Inc., we will serve your needs first, not the needs of the CJTC or community college. We will deliver training needs according to your training schedule. This can eliminate unnecessary delays in: (1) training in specialized entrustment areas, and (2) hiring, special assignment transfers, and remedial training.

  2. At Martinelli & Associates, Inc., we will develop customized training based on your agency’s unique work environment, job description or mission statement taught by our staff of industry leaders.

  3. Martinelli & Associates, Inc. will send our highly skilled trainers to your agency instead your agency being force to expend significant money sending your officers away for this training.

  4. Martinelli & Associates, Inc. will provide your agency with much more than the “traditional, minimum state standard” training that does not approximate “real world” experience. Our training is produced by true practitioners with real law enforcement experience in the area of instruction. Our methodologies are based in real world applications and are practical for your agency’s and officers’ needs. We will customize the training specifically to your agency’s philosophy and job responsibilities.

What will Martinelli & Associates, Inc. do for you?

In addition to the many services listed above, Martinelli & Associates Inc. can provide your agency with many other solutions for your needs.

  • Our firm’s experienced police practices attorney with over 30 years of trial experience can review your case and consult with your agency’s defense attorney
  • We will provide your agency with an experienced police practices defense attorney if you need one
  • Defend your agency's policies or practices if you are sued using a nationally recognized Federal/State Courts qualified law enforcement practices expert
  • Provide you with policy development & consultation, risk management & liability assessments, advice or recommendations
  • Assist you with training program organization and the proper documentation of training and competency testing
  • Focus on your agency’s needs and provide timely follow-up on past and future training needs
  • Management, Supervisory and Training Officer Programs
  • Instructor Development Courses
  • Officer Safety Programs
  • Provide your agency and officers with seamless continuity and consistency in all levels of high risk exposure training

“The Best Training by the Best, for the Best.”