Limited Peace Officers

If you are a “limited peace officer” working in the capacity of Code Enforcement, Animal Control, or similar municipal responsibilities involving detentions, citations for infractions, arrests/citations for misdemeanors and search and seizure, then our specialized training programs in laws of arrest, search and seizure, officer safety and report writing are just what you need to address your risk management and civil liability concerns. Remember that whenever you are acting in some enforcement capacity, although you are not a police officer or a deputy sheriff, if you detain, investigate, cite or arrest a citizen, you are still responsible for following certain police practices and procedures. Our limited peace officer program teaches you how to properly separate your responsibilities from those of police or sheriff’s, yet accomplish your assignment mandate by utilizing proper laws of arrest and search and seizure protocols that provide you and your agency with “Qualified Immunity” needed to successfully survive any legal challenges by those you have detained, cited or arrested.