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Dr. Martinelli Receives Certification as an Advanced Impact Weapons Instructor and is Recertified as a TASER ECD Instructor

In April, Dr. Ron Martinelli successfully completed his 3rd TASER Electronic Control Device (ECD) Instructor  recertification Course in San Bernardino (CA). This POST-certified course covered all aspects of ECDs used by law enforcement and specifically covered the TASER International product line. Dr. Martinelli was recertified in the M-26, X-26 models and was newly certified in the new X-3 hand-held TASER and the XREP intermediate range , wireless round that is deployed using a shotgun platform.

Also in April, Dr. Martinelli participated in and successfully completed a POST-certified course as an Advanced Impact Weapons Instructor. The course was produced in San Bernardino (CA) by Peacekeeper Products and featured the Rapid Containment Baton (RCB) impact weapon. Dr. Martinelli was previously certified as an RCB Impact Weapons Instructor in 2008, but opted to participate in the advanced instructor course to gain additional knowledge in this new and very effective defensive weapon.

Dr. Martinelli Receives Certification from the Force Science Institute As A "Force Analyst"

Dr. Ron Martinelli, who is already a Certified Forensic Analyst and an AELE Certified Litigation Specialist in police and corrections practices, recently completed an intensive series of forensic courses in force analysis and officer-involved shootings, produced by the prestigious Force Science Research Center of Minnesota State University, and has been formally certified as a "Force Analyst" in officer-involved shootings. The Force Science Research Center is world renowned for its cutting edge research and training courses in a number of bio-mechanics, psychophysiology and human performance, taught by a number of world experts. Officers from the United States, Canada and Hong Kong participated in this most recent course that was hosted by the San Jose (CA) Police Department.

Dr. Martinelli participated and completed in a number of forensic courses:

  • Understanding and Leveraging the Psychophysiology of Emotional Intensity
  • Quiet Eye Characteristics and Fundamentals of Human Performance and their Application to Police Activities
  • The Cognitive Interview: Memory Enhancing Techniques for Investigative Interviewing
  • Interviewing Officers Involved In A Shooting
  • The Biomechanics of Lethal Force Encounters

Dr. Martinelli's education and certification as a Force Analyst will enhance his ability to forensically analyze officer-involved shootings and other major uses of force.

Dr. Martinelli's Forensic Article on "TASER - ECD Mentality" is cover article in California Law Enforcement Magazine

Dr. Ron Martinelli's recent forensic article entitled "TASER - ECD Mentality" is the cover article in the February, 2010 issue of Peace Officer Research Association of California (PORAC). The magazine editors selected the article following the U.S. Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' recent decision in Bryan v. McPherson, 2009 WL 5064477 (9th Cir. 2009), where the court has now provided officers with new guidelines on use of force and the use of electronic control devices (ECD's) such as the TASER.

Dr. Martinelli wrote his "TASER - ECD Mentality" article before the 9th Circuit's decision was handed down as a warning to agencies and officers who use ECD's such as the TASER. The forensic article profiles the training, performance and psychophysiological cues that can be used in identifying potentially problematic officers, or end user problems relating to their uses of force. The intended audience for the article is agency administrators, training officers and attorneys who write policies, conduct training or are involved in the review and litigating of uses of force involving ECD's. To date, the article has received positive reviews and agreement from its intended audience. Dr. Martinelli's article can be downloaded and printed from the "Articles" section of this website.

Dr. Ron Martinelli Selected As A Police Practices Expert for North Las Vegas Police Officers Association

In December 2009, Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., BCFT, CFA, CLS, was selected as a Police/Corrections Practices Expert in defense of peace officers on behalf of the North Las Vegas Peace Officers Association. Dr. Martinelli is currently consulting with the association's legal team and will be providing expertise, assessment and testimony on issues relating to police/corrections practices, discipline and civil litigation.

Dr. Martinelli Slated To Present At the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute's 2010 Conference

The board of American College of Forensic Examiners Institute (ACFEI) has selected Dr. Ron Martinelli to present on the subject of Agitated-Excited Delirium Syndrome AED/S during its upcoming 2010 Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Martinelli, who is NCCM Board Certified in Forensic Traumatology, is a Federal Courts qualified expert on the subject of AED/S. He recently presented significant testimony on AED/S on behalf of a decedent's family in USDC - Eastern District, during a wrongful in-custody death police practices case involving a sheriff's department. Dr. Martinelli's testimony was in rebuttal to AED/S world expert and author Dr. Vincent DiMaio, who contended that Agitated-Excited Delirium Syndrome was the proximate cause of the decedent's death. As a result of Dr. Martinelli's forensic testimony, the federal jury rejected the defendants' AED/S claim and found in favor of the plaintiffs, awarding them $1.2 million in damages.

Dr. Martinelli Recently Attended the December 2009 40-Hour Forensic Investigations Course Entitled, "Kinesic Interview & Interrogation"

Produced by the Public Agency Training Council.

Dr. Martinelli Attended the November 2009 National Conference of the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths

Among the courses he participated in were:

  • Identifying Brain Mechanisms and Biomarkers for Excited Delirium
  • Heart Disease in Stimulant Abusers
  • Excited Delirium: Behavioral Cues
  • Restraint Asphyxia from a Medical Examiners Perspective
  • Restraint Chair Safety and Related Sudden In-Custody Death Asphyxia Issues
  • Court Perspective on Admissibility of Scientific Evidence
  • ECD-Associated Sudden In-Custody Deaths from a Plaintiff's Perspective
  • Identifying and Communication with Excited Delirium Influenced Subjects: When and when not to communicate

Dr. Martinelli attended the Nov., 2009 National Conference of the American College of Forensic Examiners, Institute

Where he participated in the following courses of study:

  • Certified Medical Investigator Update Course
  • Investigating False Allegations of Sexual Abuse
  • Forensic Alcohol Evidence
  • Forensic Analysis of Suicide Notes
  • Forensic Consulting: Determining the Truth

Dr. Ron Martinelli Authors Important Forensic Article On Taser Abuse by Law Enforcement

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., BCFT, CFA, CLS, who is a Forensic Criminologist specializing in police practices and Use of Force cases has just published a forensic article from his Forensic Force Series, entitled "Taser Mentality." His article was also published by in their December, 2009 electronic newsletter to the law enforcement and legal communities.

Dr. Martinelli, who also directs the law enforcement and forensic consulting firms of Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc. (CA) and Strategic Training & Consulting, LLC - USVI (St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands), has provided law enforcement, forensic and legal professionals with an article which he discusses a serious problem within the law enforcement and Use of Force training communities associated with the over-use and abuse of the Taser ECD (electronic control device) weapon system. The article is not critical of the maker of the Taser product line, Taser International, but rather of the officers who have abused this beneficial defensive weapon system.

Dr. Martinelli, who is a Taser instructor, a Certified Forensic Analyst and ACEFT Board Certified in Forensic Traumatology, has classified a psychological personality profile he refers to as the "Taser Prone Officer" who he suggests is most likely to abuse the Taser weapon in the field. Dr. Martinelli is the first forensic expert to define a new police practices term for excessive force which he refers to as "Taser Mentality." Dr. Martinelli has even provided a specific forensic symptomology for this dynamic for the purposes of professional assessment and classification by other law enforcement, forensic and legal experts.

Dr. Martinelli's "Taser Mentality" article was released to the law enforcement and legal communities in late August and has already been formally published in the Internet Newsletter. The article will soon be published in a number of professional law enforcement magazines and forensic journals.

Dr. Martinelli is already engaged in a new research project where the psycho-physiological effects of the Taser on subjects will be studied. This project is being funded by Martinelli & Associates, Inc. It is anticipated that the project will be completed within six months and its results published for peer review by the law enforcement community.

Dr. Ron Martinelli Selected As A Police Practices Expert for Las Vegas Police Protective Association Metro, Inc.

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., BCFT, CFA, CLS, has recently been selected as a Police Practices Expert in defense of police officers on behalf of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association Metro, Incorporated. Dr. Martinelli is currently consulting with the association's legal team and will be providing expertise, assessment and testimony on issues relating to police practices, discipline and civil litigation.

Dr. Ron Martinelli Selected As A Police Practices Expert for West Virginia Department of Public Safety

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., BCFT, CLS, has recently been selected as a Police Practices Expert in defense of the West Virginia Department of Public Safety. Dr. Martinelli is currently consulting with and will be providing testimony on Use of Force, training, policies and police practices issues on behalf of the WVDPS and the agency's State Troopers on a case pending in U.S. Southern District of West Virginia.

Dr. Ron Martinelli Selected by Denver, CO as Police Practice & Corrections Expert

We are pleased to announce that our firm’s CEO/Director and Chief Litigation Specialist, Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., BCFT, CLS, has been selected as a police and corrections expert by the City and County of Denver, Colorado. Dr. Martinelli’s assignment will involve the forensic review, analysis and written/oral presentation of cases involving law enforcement officers in the City of Denver.

The contract with the City of Denver is significant and enhances our firm’s growing portfolio of municipal agency and civil law firm clients in the areas of law enforcement practices and civil rights.

Dr. Martinelli is contracted by a number of municipal agencies and civil law firms as their police/corrections expert and specializes in 4th, 8th and 14th Amendment allegations. Dr. Martinelli has 22 years of law enforcement experience; over 30 years of active experience as a law enforcement training consultant; and 18 years as a police/corrections practices expert. He has also directed a Criminal Justice Training Center and CA - POST Basic Law Enforcement Academy. He has trained hundreds of law enforcement agencies and thousands of peace officers.

Dr. Martinelli is the author of numerous books, manuals and articles on the subject of law enforcement and police/corrections practices, and is considered a subject matter expert on the topics of laws of arrest, criminal investigations, officer safety, Use of Force, Officer-Involved Shootings, Stress Psychology & Physiology, “Suicide by Cop,” Agitated/Excited Delirium and Sudden In-Custody Death. He is also a member of the California District Attorneys Association.

Dr. Ron Martinelli Presents On "Suicide by Cop - SBC" at International Law Enforcement Conference in Chicago

Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., B.C.F.T., C.L.S., presented a forensic psychological and tactical analysis on the unique dynamics of suicidal behavior for law enforcement officers entitled, "Tactical Responses to Suicide by Cop for First Responders" at the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers' (ILEETA) 2009 International Conference in Chicago on April, 24th.

Dr. Martinelli's presentation with video case histories and forensic and tactical analysis was attended and peer reviewed by police officers, Use of Force Instructors, SWAT operators, hostage negotiators, supervisors and police administrators from throughout the U.S., Canada, Germany, England, Ireland and Hong Kong. Dr. Martinelli's presentation received excellent evaluations from those in attendance.

Dr. Martinelli's extensive PowerPoint presentation on "Tactical Responses to SBC" is available on flashdrive for $25.00 which includes shipping and handling. Contact Martinelli & Associates: Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc. via this site, or at (951) 719-1450. Credit Card orders accepted.