Peacekeeper Rapid Containment Baton (RCB) Impact Weapon Instructor Course

A 24.0 hour comprehensive impact weapons instructor development course, featuring the Peacekeeper Rapid Containment Baton (RCB) expandable baton. Participants successfully passing this course will be fully certified to train and certify end users within their own agency to carry and use the RCB impact weapon.

Advanced Instructors are not “free agents” of Peacekeeper International or Martinelli & Associates, Inc. and can only train and certify end users within their own agency or training center (employees).

Course objective is to instruct trainers to develop and produce training and remediation programs for end users in the proper and effective use of the RCB and to enhance their teaching skills to assist end user officers in concepts of officer safety and use of force determinations during a baton confrontation. The instructor course is comprised of five distinct sections:

  • The Baton
  • Legal Considerations of Force
  • Psycho-physiology, Stress and Performance
  • Adult Learning & Instructor Development
  • Application of the Baton – Physical Skills Practical

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