Park Rangers, Harbor Patrol & Marine Enforcement Officer Training

Our popular Park Ranger & Harbor Patrol Officer Division, created in 2000, produces customized training and consulting programs for full and part-time park ranger and harbor patrol peace officers working in land-based and marine environments. Additionally, we produce customized training and consulting programs for peace officers and civilian security personnel working in Department of Defense and Homeland Security assignments.

In addition to the basic law enforcement courses offered by Martinelli & Associates, Inc. and our Officer Safety Institute, we provide customized mission statement training that addresses your agency’s specific work environment. Some of park ranger and harbor patrol/marine enforcement courses include:

  • Ranger Staff & Civilian Employee Safety
  • Marine Enforcement/Patrol
  • Boating/Driving Under the Influence
  • Boating and Personal Watercraft Accident Investigations
  • Active Shooter in a Parks Environment
  • Laws of Arrest/Search & Seizure for Park Rangers and Harbor Patrol Officers
  • 4x4, ATV and Off-Road Vehicle Patrol and Emergency Response
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC)
  • Agitated-Excited Delirium Syndrome Response for Park and Water Environments