First Responders and Supervisor Responses to “Suicide by Cop” (SBC) Incidents

A 4.0 or 8.0 hour introductory “end-user” training course for First Responders and field supervisors on how to properly recognize, respond to and ultimately safely resolve incidents where SBC intent subjects are involved. Participants will learn about the dynamics and causes of suicide, why people become suicidal, and why they select SBC as the option for their final “death act” rather than taking their own lives. Course teaches how to recognize/identify communication, psychological and behavioral cues of the suicidal and SBC intent subject, how to conduct a fluid Suicide Risk Assessment (SRA), and how to tactically respond and intervene by engaging a contact/capture protocol that safely resolves a potential SBC situation by use of “best practices” tactics.

* This is not an instructor course.

Course Topics Covered – suicideology, nature and dynamics of suicidal behavior; types of suicide; suicide attempters vs. completers; does an accurate “profile” of a suicidal person really exist?; dynamics of “Suicide by Cop” (SBC); why SBC instead of taking one’s own life? Conducting a Suicide Risk Assessment; observing and evaluating the SBC intent subject’s communication, psychological, physical and behavioral cues; the contact/capture safety protocol; officer and subject safety tactics; less lethal weaponry deployment; SBC as a medical emergency rather than a criminal act; the dangers of time and distance compression; staging and engaging resources; successful intervention strategies; documenting and testifying in post-incident SBC incidents.

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