Michael Tozzi

Forensic Expert/Instructor, Ranger Training Division, Use of Force, Marine Enforcement, Supervision Boating Accident Investigations, Computer Enhanced Scene Reconstruction

Mike Tozzi serves as an instructor with the Officer Safety Institute in the areas of ranger practices, ranger safety, Use of Force and marine enforcement. He also is assigned as a Forensic Expert and consultant on issues related to ranger practices, boat and watercraft accident investigations and computer enhanced scene reconstruction.

Mr. Tozzi is currently assigned as a county Supervising Park Ranger and has over 15 years of experience as a supervisor and park ranger working in field and marine enforcement environments. Mike is an instructor in Arrest & Control Tactics (ACT), Unarmed Defensive Tactics (UDT), ranger safety, and BUI/DUI. He is also an active practitioner of mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jujitsu. Mike holds a Bachelors degree in English.

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