Robert Nalett

Mr. Nalett is a retired Sergeant from the San Jose Police Department. During his 30 year career he acquired a broad range of training and experience in criminal investigations, covert operations, surveillance, supervision, and performance auditing. During his time with the San Jose Police, he was a field training officer, academy instructor, criminal investigator, a project manager, field supervisor, and the department's performance auditor.

Mr. Nalett spent 10 years assigned to the Sexual Assault Investigation Unit, working on serial sex crimes, child exploitation, child sex rings, and establishing the police department's Megan Law/290 Detail. Mr. Nalett has testified as an expert in both State and Federal Court on child exploitation, and sex offenders. Mr. Nalett spent 3 years in the Narcotics/Covert Investigations Unit and received an Employee Recognition award for the department's first reverse sting case. He has testified in State court as an expert on controlled substances.

Mr. Nalett has been an instructor for over 18 years at the Criminal Justice Training Center teaching classes at Evergreen Community College, and San Jose City College. He has lectured throughout California, and has done presentations for the Oakland Police Department, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office, the California Governor's Conference, National Registry Conference in Florida, the Child Maltreatment Conference in San Diego, and for the California Sexual Assault Investigator's Association. He is a Past President of CSAIA, and was Co-Chair for the Megan's Law Notification Committee, a joint CSAIA and Department of Justice venture in publishing the Suggested Guidelines for Megan's Law notifications on sex offenders.

Mr. Nalett has received numerous commendations for his work, including being commended by Director Sessions of the FBI and U.S. Attorney General Henry Hudson for his work in an undercover investigation of a sex ring that wanted to make a "snuff film." He was also commended by the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office for work done on the sex ring case, where child molesters were being smuggled out of the country. In addition Mr. Nalett received the San Jose Police Department's Hazard Duty Medal and the Richard Huerta Special Merit Award for Day to Day Excellence.

Mr. Nalett while assigned to the department's research and development unit conducted audits on various units throughout the department laying the ground work for the Performance Analysis Detail. Mr. Nalett graduated from LAPD's POST approved Performance Auditing Course and is a member of the International Law Enforcement Auditor's Association. He was also responsible for policy and law review.

Mr. Nalett is currently a licensed private investigator in the State of Arizona, and a member of the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators

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