Lance Martini, MS

Forensic Scientist, Firearms and Ballistics

Lance Martini is a forensic scientist who specializes in firearm related matters. He holds a Masters Degree in Forensic Science and a Bachelor's degree in Biology. Mr. Martini has over thirty years of experience in private and government forensic laboratories and has been recognized by both the San Diego Sheriff's Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations for his forensic contributions. Mr. Martini has been certified by state, industry and professional organizations. He is also one of a small and prestigious group of forensic scientists in the United States to hold certification by the Association of Firearms and Toolmark Examiners.

As an independent forensic expert, Mr. Martini has extensive experience in criminal and civil matters being retained by both plaintiffs and defendants. His areas of expertise include Officer-Involved Shootings (OIS); comparisons of bullets, cartridge cases and toolmarks; serial number restoration; firearm operability; sound suppression devices; conversions of semi-automatic firearms to full-automatic; gunshot residue; wound ballistics; trajectory analysis; distance determinations; assault weapon determinations; firearm failure analysis and reconstruction of shooting incidents.

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