Sam Shabatura

Forensic Expert/Master Instructor, Special Operations,
SWAT, Use of Force, Supervision

Sam Shabatura is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement from the San Francisco Bay Area and serves as our firm’s police practices consultant in Special Operations and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). Mr. Shabatura, who is still actively involved in law enforcement, has 24 years of SWAT and Special Operations experience and has functioned as an entry team operator, assistant team leader, Team Leader and lead SWAT Instructor. Mr. Shabatura is a popular instructor in our Officer Safety Institute where he is ranked as a Master Instructor. He is multi-certified in chemical agents, Arrest & Control Tactics (ACT), tactical police knife and Active Shooter.

Sam Shabatura’s past law enforcement assignments include narcotics, vice, gang investigations, Street Crime Suppression, field patrol and Field Training Officer. He has also taught our Field Training Supervisor and Field Training Officer Course to police officers in the Virgin Islands for our firm’s off-shore training company, Strategic Training & Consulting, LLC.

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