Sgt. James Boydd (Ret.)

Forensic Expert/Master Instructor, Police Practices, Use of Force, Police Training

James Boydd, Sergeant (Ret) - Corona (CA) Police Department serves as a Master Instructor in our Officer Safety Institute and as a Forensic Expert in police practices in our Forensic Expert Division. Mr. Boydd has been a patrol, Traffic Unit and Use of Force training supervisor; a Field Training Officer for several years, and a SWAT operator for three years. Mr. Boydd has been a CA-POST multi-certified Use of Force Instructor for eleven years and a Master and Senior Use of Force Instructor for our firm for ten years. He is currently the Senior Training Specialist, Rangemaster and POST administrator for the Corona Police Department and is an adjunct instructor of Administration of Justice at the Riverside Community College (CA) Police Academy.

Mr. Boydd specializes in police practices, Use of Force, traffic enforcement and investigations, and DUI/drug influence in prosecution, criminal defense and civil litigation cases. He possesses a CA-POST Supervisory Certificate, an Advanced POST Certificate and a Community College Instructor Credential. Mr. Boydd has an Associates of Science Degree in Administration of Justice from Riverside Community College.

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