Tactical Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

An excellent 8.0 hour introductory course in the use of verbal and non-verbal forms of communication used to diffuse or reduce aggression/anger when dealing with difficult, non-compliant and potentially assaultive subjects. Course emphasizes psychophysiology and how the brain processes stress in officers and subjects contacted; as well as verbal skills and techniques used to generate voluntary compliance in field and institutional environments so that alternate force options can be avoided.

Course Topics Covered – laws relating to the use of force, verbal warnings, officer safety and pre-contact threat assessment, psychophysiology, processing while stress-inoculated, profiling your audience, verbal management of aggression, handling verbal abuse, listening and critical decision making. Participants will be involved in role-playing scenarios with non-compliant subjects where they can test their verbal skills to generate voluntary compliance. Course meets or exceeds the minimum state standards for tactical communications training as set by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and the California Department of Corrections, Corrections Standard Authority.

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