TASER® - Electronic Control Devices (ECD): M-26, X-26 (Basic/Annual Update)

A 4.0 hour introductory - basic, or 2.0 hour annual update course for the “end user” officer on the TASER® - ECD as a defensive weapon system used for self-defense or controlling actively resisting, threatening or violent subjects. Participants will be introduced or reacquainted specifically to the M-26 and X-26 ECD’s manufactured by TASER® International.

Course Topics Covered – Use of Force case laws and guidelines; Force Continuum, ECD placement in the continuum; ECD-related case laws; post-incident documentation of force; TASER® - ECD dynamics, electrical energy and the human body; neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI); TASER® mechanics, working parts, cartridges; ECD malfunctions; officer safety and ECD tactics; medical issues and emergencies, agitated-excited delirium syndrome, psycho-physiological problems; cuffing under ‘load’; post-tasing caretaking; forensic evidence recovery. Participants will be involved in scenario practical where they will have an opportunity to fire and reload actual and training TASER® cartridges at static and dynamic moving targets. All participants are tested and evaluated for competency. Complete documentation of competency is provided to department.

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