Expert Witness Testimonials

“In my 34 years as a trial attorney, seldom have I encountered such a consummate professional as Dr. Ron Martinelli. He combines the best attributes of a forensic consultant and expert witness. Dr. Martinelli is a pleasure to work with and is a great source of knowledge and experience on all issues relating to law enforcement.

“Dr. Martinelli has a rare knack of explaining difficult concepts in an easy to understand way. He has mastered the art of gently persuasion with both judges and juries. Dr. Martinelli is owed much credit for the success my law enforcement clients have enjoyed in the civil right arena.”

Justus Spillner, Esq.
Senior Equity Partner
McCormick, Barstow, Caruthers, Waite, LLP
Fresno, CA
Elected Member ABOTA, 20 years

“As a former prosecutor with a great deal of experience presenting law enforcement witnesses to juries, I felt that Dr. Martinelli’s trial testimony was perhaps the most compelling I have ever presented. Having interviewed the jury following the favorable verdict, I was able to confirm my belief directly with those who matter most. Dr. Martinelli’s incredibly strong law enforcement training and background, combined with his ability to testify in both an authoritative and understandable manner, creates a strong incentive for the opposition to capitulate and settle the case on favorable terms.”
Mark W. Epstein, Esq.
Seiler, Epstein, Ziegler & Applegate, LLP
San Francisco, CA

“Our firm hired Dr. Martinelli is a case involving a boy who was sexually assaulted while in custody at a juvenile hall facility. He provided very valuable insight into the subject matter, was very accessible, assisted in the preparation of discovery and was always a valuable resource throughout the case. Dr. Martinelli is extremely well versed in the subjects involving our case, without apparent “bias” toward one side or the other, giving us honest assessments in our case in which we ultimately prevailed. I would highly recommend Dr. Martinelli and his work.”
Marc Hurd, Esq.
Tiedt & Hurd Law Firm
Corona, CA

“Dr. Ron Martinelli is the police practices expert’s expert. He is uniquely experienced, articulate and understandable to judges and juries. He is very skilled, always dependable and consistently delivers the goods for his attorney clients.”
Michael P. Stone & Steve Horvath, Attorneys
Stone, Busailah, LLP
Pasadena, CA

“Your expert testimony in deposition, along with your outstanding forensic analysis supporting our deputies’ actions were instrumental in the Federal Court granting summary judgment in our recent in-custody death case. I highly recommend you to other County Counsels seeking a skilled and experienced expert.”
Janet Holmes, Deputy County Counsel
Contra Costa County Counsel’s Office
Martinez, CA

“Thank you for the excellent, professional consultation and trial testimony you provided in our Federal Court excessive force case involving our Los Angeles Airport Police officers. Your testimony before the jury clearly established that our officers acted appropriately during the incident. Your fine work was responsible for us winning our case.”
Doug Knoll, Esq.
Law Offices
Redondo Beach, CA

“Thank you for your assistance in successfully defending our deputies in the Azam lawsuit in Federal Court. The case was probably more difficult than most due to the plaintiff’s attorneys and their oppressive document demands. I appreciated your expertise and your ability to work through the difficult issues. You presented very well at trial, and the jury commented favorably on your expertise. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future.”
Monika Cooper
Deputy County Counsel
Contra Costa County Counsel’s Office
Martinez, CA

“Mr. Page and I wish to thank you for your very effective work during his self-defense shooting case. It is my belief that your testimony was pivotal in obtaining jury verdicts of not guilty to the crimes of Assault in the first Degree with a Firearm and Unlawful Use of a Weapon, on a self-defense theory.

“Your trial testimony was particularly effective as it was based upon studies related to the use of deadly force by police officers. You demonstrated that Mr. Page did react in the same manner as police officers when confronted with life threatening events. Your use of the physical evidence and facts to demonstrate our self-defense theory was very persuasive to the jury.”

“I would be happy to retain your services again and have already recommended your services to other practitioners in this area. You and your staff are a pleasure to work with.”

David A. Hill, Esq.
Law Office
Eugene, OR