Testimonials from Our Law Enforcement Clients

“Martinelli & Associates continues to provide our agency with outstanding, job specific and realistic training that far surpasses the level of training we experienced in past years.”
Richard Higgins
Managing Park Ranger
Monterey County, CA

“The variety of hands-on, dynamic scenario training, combined with emphasis on critical decision making and skill development has enhanced the morale and professionalism of our department beyond our department’s expectations.”
Kimbra Eldridge
Operations Manager
Santa Cruz, CA Port District

“Martinelli & Associates and Dr. Ron Martinelli provides our department with a full range of policies, safety training and risk management services that far surpasses what we had in years past. The Officer Safety Institute has trained our in-house instructors to a high skill level and has increased the professionalism and image of our department.”
Kurt Strum
Port Director, Port San Luis Harbor District
Avila Beach, CA Port District

Arrest & Control Tactics Course

“Excellent class. Best class this year!”
Peace Officer
Fresno County, CA

“Excellent class. I really appreciated the attention to details and the patient approach to teaching utilized by each instructor. I enjoyed all aspects of this class. We need to have this class regularly. Practice is the key to mastery.”
Peace Officer
Monterey County, CA

“Excellent class and instructors. Excellent teaching skills. Course was relevant to our jobs with “real world” applications. Class should be longer; perhaps two days.”
Peace Officer
Butte County, CA

Chemical Agents – OC Spray Defense

“Outstanding class. A “must do” class for all officers. This is the best class I have taken so far.”
Probation Officer
San Mateo County, CA

“Dr. Martinelli is an expert in this field, but he has no problem with being patient and making things easy to understand. I am very appreciative. I’ve never had an instructor who broke things down as well as Ron. Thank you! Thanks for taking our safety seriously.”
Peace Officer
Shasta County, CA

“A great amount of knowledge and made class fun and interesting.”
Corrections Officer
Fresno County, CA

Basic Tactic Pistol Academy

“I have 35 years of law enforcement experience and this is the best class I have ever experienced. I will recommend this course to California State Park Rangers. What I liked most was the deliverance and usefulness of course instructors knowledge, effectiveness in teaching”
Director of Port Operations & Harbor Patrol, Port San Luis Harbor Patrol
Former State Park Ranger District Chief

“Great course! After 2 police academies and 30 years on the job...I wish I could have had this excellent training 30 years ago. A real confidence builder.”
Santa Cruz Harbor Patrol Officer,
Retired San Jose (CA) Police Officer

“Instructors knew what to do to remedy our problems. Buddy system was awesome. It allowed us to increase safety. Helping each other helped to hone our own skills and knowledge.”
Harbor Patrol Officer
Port San Luis Harbor Patrol (CA)

Intermediate Tactical Pistol

“The most realistic, high stress and instructional training I have ever participated in!”
Chief Probation Officer
Glenn County, CA

“Larry Nichols is a world class instructor. I look forward to training with him in the future. Everything taught was excellent. It was good to practice with both right and left hand shooting. This course is a great confidence builder.”
Park Ranger Manager
Monterey County, CA

“Mr. Nichols is incredible; he is knowledgeable and teaches well. Thank you. The class is awesome as a whole.”
Park Ranger Manager, Firearms Instructor
Monterey County, CA

Concealed Carry Course

“This was the best training I’ve been to. The instructor was great. I learned a great deal. (What I liked most was) the evolutions, the practice and the knowledge of the instructor”

“I’ve learned more physical and tactical skills in this course and in basic tactical pistol than I have in any other courses that I’ve attended. The instructor recognized what I was doing wrong and knew how to explain how to correct in a way that I could understand. ”
Port San Luis Harbor Patrol
San Luis Obispo County, CA

Laws of Arrest, Search & Seizure

“(What I liked most was) the fast pace, Dr. Martinelli’s enthusiasm, expertise and sense of humor.”
Park Ranger
Santa Barbara County, CA

“Thanks for the training…it was long overdue. Dr. Martinelli’s presentation was interesting, informative, very relevant to our jobs and done with a lot of energy.”
Director of Parks & Recreation
City of Santa Maria, CA

“Very good class. It was much better that the PC832 Laws of Arrest course I took previously.”
Peace Officer
Solano County, CA

Tactical Psychology & Physiology

“Excellent course! Instructor was very well rounded and extremely knowledgeable with the topic discussed and gave extremely valuable advice and suggestions to all law enforcement personnel. I would highly recommend Dr. Martinelli to train our department in other law enforcement topics. A great training professional.”

“Dr. Martinelli was well organized and very informed on the subject matter he shared with us. This class would be great for patrol and first responders to have. The officers need to see what their options are when contacting difficult people.”
Corona, CA Police Department

Tactical Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

“Overall the class was great. It was educational, enjoyable and the role playing scenarios evaluated by Dr. Martinelli provided realism to our class. I liked getting immediate feedback on how we had performed. The class was well organized and worth the time we spent.”

“Instructor was entertaining and made class interesting. What I liked most were the scenarios, the videos, and the instructor’s professional experience. Very relevant to our jobs.”
Santa Barbara County, CA

Building Searches

“The best and most awesome class I’ve been to yet. What I liked most was the hands-on and using the Simunitions® guns.”

“Very, very good training; time was well worth it. Hands-on training is the best. (What I liked most was) Hands-on stress training involving critical decision making, lower levels of force or deadly force and Force-on-Force scenarios using Simunitions®!”

Monterey County Peace Officers

Title 15 Jail Operations & Liability

“Dr. Martinelli is a fantastic presenter. Extremely knowledgeable. Cuts to the chase. Nothing frivolous. Responsive to students.”
Police Commander
Irvine, CA Police Department

“Organized power point (presentation) and fairly fast moving. Not too basic. This is a tough subject to teach for 8 hours, especially to supervisors. Dr. Martinelli did a superior job.”
Police Lieutenant
Irvine, CA Police Department

“I’ve had other classes on Title 15. THIS instructor is very knowledgeable and knows how to keep everyone’s attention, awake and participating in the class.”
Police Sergeant
Irvine, CA Police Department

Supervisor Responses to Critical Incidents

“Great course. Instructor was excellent and answered all questions appropriately. (What I liked most was) the critical info on how to investigate a critical incident.”
Corrections Supervisor
Fresno County, CA

“Very enjoyable and informative. (What I liked most was) the case examples and info on documenting crime scenes and actions of officers.”
Training Officer and Corrections Supervisor
Fresno County, CA

“Was a great learning experience for Managing Rangers. (What I liked most was) good real life examples of prior officer-involved shootings and the actual OIS response simulation we participated in. Dr. Martinelli answered all questions in regards to areas we have not been trained in.”
Training Manager, Park Ranger Field Operations Manager
Monterey County, CA

Managing Risk and Liability through Training

“Great course. Open dialogue with a knowledgeable expert in best law enforcement and public safety practices.”
Director of Parks and Recreation
Santa Barbara County, CA

“Great course. The information was what we needed. (What I liked most was) knowing my liability.”
Supervising Park Ranger
Santa Barbara County, CA

“(What I liked most was) relevance. Great information for staff. Start of long term improvements for department.”
Training Manager
San Francisco County Juvenile Probation Department

Unarmed Defensive Tactics

“IT”S ABOUT TIME we had training like this! AWESOME! We need a lot more of this. (What I liked most was) the hands on full pad combat. The instructors were bad ass, real deal, high speed, low drag trainers. Good job!”
Supervising Park Ranger
Santa Clara County, CA

“Best defensive tactics class EVER for this department training. This course was taught specifically for limed peace officers. Other classes have not been tailored to our unique situation”
Park Ranger
San Diego County, CA

“Techniques were the BEST we have had. Hope that we continue to have the same training each year so that we can retain it. (What I liked best was) a lot of hands-on and repetition. The moves were logical and built on each move.”
Peace Officer
Siskiyou County, CA

Unarmed Defensive Tactics Update

“Great class, great instructors, personable instructors, thank you! (What I liked most was) the hands-on. Everything was demonstrated and explained again as many times as a student may need, but still held a standard.”
Corrections Officer
Inyo County, CA

“Probably the most important and relevant training I have received. (What I liked most was) its relevance and simplicity.”
Armed Probation Officer
San Bernardino County, CA

Impact Weapons – ASP – RCB Batons

“Great instructor, format. (What I liked most was ) Self defense, multiple ways to disarm, subdue, and hands on tactics.”
Peace Officer
Monterey County, CA

“Great addition to our defensive training. Great baton and hands on practice. Great teaching as always.”
Supervising Park Ranger
Monterey County, CA

Harbor Patrol Safety Course

“Great instructors, very knowledgeable. (What I liked most was) Hands on multiple takedowns and handcuffing control.”

“Another great course with new material, relevant and new skills to use. (What I liked most was) A lot of new material.”

“Great course, eye opener. Very job related and helpful scenarios for the harbor environment.”

Port San Luis Harbor Patrol, Santa Cruz Port District Harbor Patrol, Ventura Harbor Patrol