Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc., is a nationally recognized and highly successful forensic investigations, experting and law enforcement practices training and consulting firm specializing in:

Our Forensic Expert Division

Our Forensic Experts Division is staffed by nationally renowned law enforcement and forensic subject matter experts and investigators qualified in Federal and State Courts, who stand ready to assist you at all stages of discovery and civil or criminal trial.

Independent Review Multi-disciplinary Forensic Death Investigations Team (FDIT)

Martinelli & Associates, Inc. has the nation's only civilian multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations Team (FDIT) deployed as either an Independent Review Team, or for investigation, analysis and experting of serious police/corrections uses of force to include officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths.

Our Forensic Death Investigations Team is comprised of highly experienced, nationally prominent homicide investigators, a forensic criminologist/police practices expert, a ballistic scientist, forensic pathologist, toxicologist, forensic video-audiologists, forensic and operational psychologists, a human factors expert and certified crime scene specialists and a crime scene reconstructionist.

Our team uses a multidisciplinary forensic approach using a variety of applied sciences to investigate, analyze and opine of complex, nationally prominent high-profile cases involving serious injuries or death that are law enforcement involved. The team provides consistent, in-depth, non-biased investigative analysis, reporting and testimony that is vastly superior to those provided by federal, state and municipal agencies and privately retained experts.

State of the Art Forensic Laboratories

Martinelli & Associates, Inc. has our own state of the art ballistics, pathology, toxicology, forensic audio-visual, and human factors labs to process and review forensic evidence and to recreate event circumstances in order to render findings and opinions as to what more likely than not occurred during an event.

Independent Review Team - Analysis of Controversial, High-Profile Force-Related Cases

"A Search for the Truth" - Any time a citizen dies during a police encounter, the potential for controversy and political posturing is apparent. The police, survivors of the decedent, the community and the media want and deserve answers as to why the death occurred. However, the most important priority is getting to the most accurate and true fact pattern regarding the circumstances of the encounter; rather than an unfair and biased "political" interpretation of what might have taken place. Enter Martinelli & Associates, Inc.'s Independent Review Team.

Our Independent Review Team (IRT), is comprised of many of the same law enforcement, forensics, scientific, medical and legal experts who are already involved on our multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations Team.

The IRT is retained by municipalities and/or by legal bodies desirous of having a truly independent body of law enforcement, scientific, medical and legal professionals assume a case for analysis and opinions to as to proximate and contributing causes of law enforcement involved serious injury or death. The IRT utilizes the same comprehensive, multidisciplinary investigative model to investigate, analyze and opine upon any legal and civil culpability; as well as issues regarding an agency's policies, procedures, training and supervision.

Once retained, the IRT can either take over an investigation, or conducts a parallel investigation using the power of subpoenas.* The Independent Review Team is not pressured, or time compressed to render premature findings and opinions by federal/state/municipal authorities, the media, or hostile citizen groups. The IRT conducts a comprehensive, thorough investigation and analysis and reaches timely findings and opinions that are based upon objective evidence, legal and forensic standards, and reasonable, professional police practices that are recognized by state and national courts of law, professional law enforcement monitoring and training organizations and bodies.

*Subpoena power is pre-agreed upon by the jurisdiction's legal authority.

Benefits of Using our Independent Review Team (IRT)