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Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, LLC. is one of the most recognized law enforcement and criminal justice training and forensic expert consulting firms In the United States.



History & Background
of Martinelli & Associates Justice
& Forensic Consultants, LLC.

History & Background of Martinelli & Associates Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc.








Ron Martinelli launches Martinelli and Associates after recognizing the need for more “reality-based” training in law enforcement.



In 1993, Dr. Martinelli expanded the professional services of Martinelli & Associates, to include forensic expert witness services in the areas of police and corrections practices.


Global Presence

In 2008, Martinelli & Associates, began offshore training and consulting to democratic nations internationally through our off-shore consulting and training firm, Strategic Training & Consulting, LLC.


Unmatched Expertise

Martinelli & Associates is one of the most recognized criminal justice and forensic and premises liability expert consulting firms in the world.

Our Mission is Clear

Our Mission is Clear

The Mission Statement of Martinelli & Associates: Justice & Forensic Consultants, LLC. is simply to provide the most professional and cost-effective work product and presentation possible for our diverse clientele.

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"A search for the truth"
"Without truth, there is no justice."
"Forensic answers, not speculation."

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  • State of the Art Forensic Laboratories

    State of the Art Forensic Laboratories

    Martinelli & Associates, LLC. has its own state-of-the-art ballistics, pathology, toxicology, forensic audio-visual, and human factors labs to process and review forensic evidence and recreate event circumstances.

  • Forensic Expert Division

    Forensic Expert Division

    Our Forensic Experts Division comprises nationally recognized law enforcement and forensic subject matter experts, who are ready to help you at all levels of discovery and during civil or criminal trials.

  • Forensic Death Investigations Team

    Forensic Death Investigations Team

    The only civilian multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations Team (FDIT) in the country. FDIT is responsible for investigating officer-involved shootings, in-custody fatalities, and other major police/corrections use of force.

  • Independent Review Team

    Independent Review Team

    These experts take on highly controversial cases independently for legal bodies desirous of having a truly unbiased body of law enforcement and legal professionals to assume their cases.

The largest organizations choose Martinelli &
Associates to solve their most challenging cases

Ron Martinelli

Dr. Ron Martinelli CEO and Founder, Martinelli & Associates LinkedIn

A retired San Jose (CA) police officer, investigator and Criminal Justice Training Center director founded Martinelli & Associates, LLC. in 1980 after recognizing the need for more “reality-based” training in law enforcement. Dr. Martinelli, spent over twenty years in active law enforcement and continues to devote his time to advanced education, forensics, police/corrections practices and the training of law enforcement officers in and outside of the United States.

Dr. Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, founded Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, LLC in 1980 after recognizing the need in the law enforcement, forensic and legal communities for more “reality and scientific-based”, non-compartmentalized investigative analysis. He is considered by many in the industry as the creator of the “multi-disciplinary forensic investigations model” for analyzing and evaluating complex, high-profile criminal and civil incidents involving death and serious injuries within the law enforcement and corporate communities. Dr. Martinelli is a federal and state courts qualified expert in law enforcement, forensics, premises liability and security practices. He is the only law enforcement expert in the nation who is also a Certified Medical Investigator. He directs the nation’s only multi-disciplinary Forensic Death Investigations Team of over twenty law enforcement, forensic, medical and security experts.

Dr. Martinelli’s areas of expertise also include law enforcement training and tactics, psycho-physiology, human factors, use of force/deadly force, suicidality, crime scene and case reconciliation, self-defense, criminal profiling and mass shooting incidents. Additionally, Dr. Martinelli is a much sought-after crime analyst and technical advisor to national and international news and entertainment media where he provides forensic consultations in high-profile death cases. He is the author of four law enforcement texts, over thirty technical manuals and scores of articles used by the law enforcement, forensic and legal communities.



Education, Licenses, and Certificates

  • Ph.D., Doctorate Degree, Criminology, emphasis in Forensic Psychology
  • Masters – Public Administration & Justice Administration
  • Certified Medical Investigator, ACFEI
  • Law Enforcement – Advanced POST Certificate
  • NCCM-ACETS Board Certified in Forensic Traumatology
  • Diplomate – American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • AELE Certified Litigation Specialist – Police & Corrections Practices
  • Certified Forensic Analyst – Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths
  • Certified Force Analyst, Force Science Center, Minnesota State University
  • Certified Suicide Investigator, American Assoc of Suicidology – APA Accredited
  • CA Inv.# Licensed Investigator, License No. 10808
  • Certified Medical Investigator, CMI-V (physician’s level)
  • Board Certified in Forensic Traumatology, NCCM, American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • Certified – Officer-involved Shootings and In-Custody Death Investigations – Los Angeles PD Force Investigations Division
  • Certified – Officer-Involved Shootings & Force Investigations – Force Science Center, Minnesota State University
  • Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate (CA-POST)
  • Instructor Credential (College/Univ.) LIFE, Police Science, Admin. of Justice, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science, Corrections
  • Former Professor of Forensic Science, Masters Program – National Univ., San Diego
  • Former Professor of Forensic Psychology, Masters Program – Argosy Univ., SF Bay Area
  • Instructor, Excited/Agitated Delirium, Institute for Prevention of In-Custody Death
  • Law Enforcement Instructor: Use of Force (All Levels)
  • Law Enforcement Instructor: Laws of Arrest, Search & Seizure, Criminal Investigations
  • Suicide Investigator – American Psychological Association Accredited




  • Calif. District Attorneys Association
  • Calif. Police Academy Directors Association
  • International Association of Coroners & Medical Examiners
  • Institute for the Prevention of Sudden In-Custody Death
  • American Society of Suicidologists
  • International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers Association
  • National Center for Crisis Management
  • American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress
  • Southern California Force Instructors Association
  • International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors
  • American Psychological Association
  • International Association of Crime Scene Investigators
  • National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Activity Division
  • International Association of Internal Affairs Investigators
  • Calif. Association of Police Training Officers
  • Calif. Probation, Parole & Corrections Association
  • American Society for Police & Criminal Psychologists
  • Texas Rangers Foundation Association
  • U.S. Navy UDT/SEAL Association



We Have Over 28 Experts with Diverse Specializations

At Martinelli & Associates, we have a specialized team of board certified experts in various subject matters who provide expertise in the fields of law enforcement, civil rights, liability, negligence, wrongful death and injuries, prosecution, and criminal defense.


Accident Reconstruction

Assignment, Retention


Blood Spatter/Blood Evidence


Chemical Agents

Choke Holds

Civilian Self-Defense Homicides & Uses of Force

Crime Scene Reconciliation & Reconstruction

Commercial and Public Environment - Security Assessments

Crime Analysis

Criminal Profiling

Chemical Agents


Deadly Force

Digital Forensics




Firearms & Ballistics, Gunshot Trajectory

Forensic Pathology

Forensic Toxicology


Government/Municipal Liability/Monel Claims/Deliberate Indifference


Homicide & Suspicious Death Investigations

Human Factors


In-Custody Death

Impact Weapons - Batons


Law Enforcement/Corrections Practices

Law Enforcement Hiring, Directions, Supervision & Training

Less Lethal Weaponry

Law Enforcement Civil Rights Violations


Negligence in Hiring, Direction, Supervision, Training, Entrustment,


Officer-Involved Shootings


Police Canine

Police Pursuits

Police Misconduct

Police Interviews & False Confessions, Allegations

Psychological / Emotional Trauma

Psycho-medical Emergencies

Photogrammetry & 3D Animation

Premises and Security Liability (Foreseeability)


Range Safety & Architecture


Serious Injury Medical Determinations (force-related)

Sexual Assaults, Sexual Predation

Suicide/Suicide by Cop

SWAT Operations & Tactics, Sniper Craft




Use of Force/Deadly Force (All levels)

Undercover Operations

Unlawful Detentions & Arrests

UAV Aerial Photography - Drones


Vision – Witness Identifications & Human Factors


Wrongful Death

Workplace Violence, Mass Shootings

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