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Who We Are

Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, LLC., is a nationally recognized and highly successful forensic investigations, experting and law enforcement practices consulting firm.

45+ years

Law enforcement training and consulting experience

45 years

As a state(s) approved Law Enforcement practices instructor.

22+ years

Experience as an active police officer and detective

90%+ success

Rate in law enforcement and civil rights litigation cases involved in as forensic expert

Areas of Expertise

With over 30 years of working the biggest cases in the United States and our national footprint of forensic and security experts, we are the best choice to help you get to the truth. Below is a summary of our areas of expertise.

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation/ Reconstruction

Reconstruction of crime scenes to determine the sequence of events about what occurred during and after a crime.

Criminal Investigations - Defense & Prosecution

Dedicated to helping defense lawyers discover evidence of reasonable doubt for the accused and find the truth.

Law Enforcement Standards of Practice

Law Enforcement Standards of Practice

The ethical and moral standards Law enforcement officers must accept and abide with the rule of law they are sworn to uphold.

Firearms / Ballistics

Firearms / Ballistics

Identification of unique markings on a weapon or bullet, leaving behind a sort of fingerprint, allowing experts to link cartridge cases to the specific gun that fired them.

Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

Lawfully establishing evidence and facts through various applied sciences that are to be presented in a court of law

Criminal Investigation

Criminal Investigation

Applied science involving the study of facts that are then used to inform criminal trials

Premises Liability (Insurance)

Premises Liability (Insurance)

Premises liability or negligent security cases are pursued against management companies, security companies, and owners of property for foreseeable crimes

Premises Liability and Security Experts

Nationally Recognized & Highly Successful Justice & Forensic Investigators

Physical evidence does not forget. It sits waiting to be found, preserved, evaluated, and explained. As a nationally recognized forensic and justice consulting firm that advocates for facts and evidence only, we provide consistent, in-depth, non-biased investigative analysis, reporting, and testimony that is vastly superior to those you can find elsewhere.

Premises Liability and Security Experts

Martinelli and Associates provide security premises liability expert services in the areas of security adequacy; negligent hiring and retention; inadequate supervision and training; excessive or improper use-of-force; foreseeability analysis; industry best practices; professional standards; security policies and procedures; and electronic security methodology. Make us your first phone call.

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Premises Liability and Security Experts

Our Forensic Model

There are many aspects to a forensic investigation and Martinelli and
Associates can assist with parts or all of the process.

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Crime Scene

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Trace Evidence

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Forensic Expert

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DNA Analysis

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Criminal Profile

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Ron Martinelli

Dr. Ron Martinelli CEO and Founder, Martinelli & Associates

Dr. Ron Martinelli, Ph.D., CMI-V, founded Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, LLC in 1980 after recognizing the need in the law enforcement, forensic and legal communities for more “reality and scientific-based”, non-compartmentalized investigative analysis. He is considered by many in the industry as the creator of the “multi-disciplinary forensic investigations model” for analyzing and evaluating complex, high-profile criminal and civil incidents involving death and serious injuries within the law enforcement and corporate communities.

Dr. Martinelli is a federal and state courts qualified expert in law enforcement, forensics, premises liability and security practices. He is the only law enforcement expert in the nation who is also a Certified Medical Investigator. He directs the nation’s only multi-disciplinary Forensic Death Investigations Team of over twenty law enforcement, forensic, medical and security experts.

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Martinelli & Associates provide the most professional and cost-effective work product possible for our diverse clientele.

Our clients span both government (national and municipal) and the private sector.

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